Healthcare Compliance

Campbell Legal has a team of Healthcare Compliance Consultants that work with your organization with various compliance issues. One prominent offering is the Compliance Program Effectiveness Assessment. Whether utilizing a third-party compliance specialist or maintaining an in-house program with a dedicated staff professional, it is important for your organization to periodically undergo an unbiased and unrelated evaluation of your organization’s compliance program. Federal Guidelines speak to the benefit of external evaluations. Campbell Legal can work with your organization to provide a comprehensive assessment of your organization’s compliance program and present recommendations to ensure your facility is focused on preventing fraud, waste, and abuse and in compliance with Federal mandates. The standard Assessment, which can be tailored to each organization’s needs, can be found here: Compliance Program Effectiveness Assessment.

Additionally, other common offerings provided by Campbell Legal related to compliance include the following:

  • Staff trainings
  • Compliance surveys, internal or external
  • Coding and billing audits
  • Policy and procedure review and drafting in conjunction with legal personnel
  • Organizational handbook review and updating in conjunction with legal personnel